Monday, January 19, 2009


Aaron is gone back to his place. I got off of class early. I have a little homework I need to do for this week. 300 word essay on the history of forestry. (how many pages is that?) I am procrastinating and read some funny excerpts from The Coffee Mate. One of them was a listing of disaterous things you will learn by having boys. At the end it said "80% of women will read this and send it to their friends, 80% of men will read this and try to mix break fliud and Clorox." One of the things on the list was that if you mix break fluid and Clorox it will make a lot of smoke. And damn, THAT was the first thing I thought of doing when I read it. Some things have a constant. I guess deep down some things about me are unaffected by the exterior, I can pretent to be different but its still the basic me under. Made me smile.


  1. (i also wanted to try and rollerskate over dustbunnies that have beed sprayed with hairspray.. they light on fire!!!!!)